Welcome to BRIL!


Bristol Reclaiming Independent Living (BRIL)

Nothing About Us. Without Us. 
Silhouette of four Disabled people. 
2 people are using wheelchairs. One person is using a cane.
Nothing About Us. Without Us.

BRIL is a community group run by and for Disabled people, neurodivergent people, people living with chronic illness and people who experience mental distress.

Our aims are to :

  • Campaign for equality and inclusion for all Disabled people. 
  • To promote the principle of ‘Independent Living’ for all.
  • To provide peer-support.

BRIL defines Independent Living as:

  • The right to live in the community
  • Being free from segregation and isolation
  • Having choice and control over our lives, on an equal basis to other people 
  • Having access to support and personal assistance that meets our needs. 

BRIL defines peer support as way of:

  • Sharing experiences
  • Recognising and respecting our differences
  • Being connected to others
  • Having choice and control 
  • Showing solidarity.


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