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Bristol Reclaiming Independent Living (BRIL)

Nothing About Us. Without Us. 
Silhouette of four Disabled people. 
2 people are using wheelchairs. One person is using a cane.
Nothing About Us. Without Us.

BRIL is a community group run by and for Disabled people, neurodivergent people, people living with chronic illness and people who experience mental distress.

Our aims are to :

  • Campaign for equality and inclusion for all Disabled people. 
  • To promote the principle of ‘Independent Living’ for all.
  • To provide peer-support.

BRIL defines Independent Living as:

  • The right to live in the community
  • Being free from segregation and isolation
  • Having choice and control over our lives, on an equal basis to other people 
  • Having access to support and personal assistance that meets our needs. 

BRIL defines peer support as way of:

  • Sharing experiences
  • Recognising and respecting our differences
  • Being connected to others
  • Having choice and control 
  • Showing solidarity.


Protestors call for Bristol City Council to meet the rights of Disabled people

Press release – Wednesday 2nd March On Wednesday 2nd March, Bristol City Council will meet to agree a new budget. The proposed budget includes over £11 million of cuts to social care. This will have devastating consequences for disabled and older people in the city. Members of Bristol Reclaiming Independent Living (BRIL) explain that without …

Disabled people, families and social care workers hit by Bristol City Council’s budget … once again

Press Release – 9th February 2022 Bristol Reclaiming Independent Living (BRIL) are very worried that on the 15th February 2022, Bristol City Council are proposing major cuts that will affect disabled people’s lives. We are concerned that many disabled people may not be aware of the cutbacks that are planned. Bristol City Council did not …