Adult Social Care – Mark from BRIL on BBC Radio Bristol

Mark Williams from BRIL, with BBC Radio Bristol logo in the background.

BRIL is a part of a national campaign to stop people being charged for social care.

This week, BRIL founder Mark Williams spoke on the John Darvall Show, on BBC Radio Bristol, and asked Councillor Hellen Holland from Bristol City Council some questions about our campaign.

You can listen to the show here:

Starts 26 minutes in (at 26:45)


John Darvall, BBC Radio Bristol:
Let’s go to Mark. Mark, who is from Bristol, he is from BRIL, which is Bristol Reclaiming Independent Living. They’re a group who campaign for improvements in social care and the right to live independently. Mark is disabled, he has a personal assistant who helps him with his care, and acts as his speaker. So we’ve recorded this for you to hear.

Mark Williams, BRIL:

So what we’d like to ask Bristol City council is, First of all, can they ensure there will be no cuts to Adult Social Care?
Secondly, we ask that the council use powers that all local authorities already have, to end all charges for Adult Social Care, as they have done in Hammersmith and Fulham. These charges are discriminatory attacks on disability that causes debt, and are a major barrier to choice and control.

John Darvall:
Mark there, with the help of his assistant who was speaking for him. Helen Holland, Mark alluded there to the how, you had mentioned a little bit earlier, you talked about how councils are doing things differently, and you’re looking at different ways of doing things. Do you think Bristol could ever get to the point where it abolishes extra charges for Adult Social Care?

Councillor Helen Holland, Bristol City Council:

Well the first thing to say is I know Mark very well, and so it’s great to hear him. I think, as I said, that I’m happy for Bristol to be seen as a high spender, but I would like that to also mean that we’re a high performer. So, part of it is about trying to spend the money better and do things that more people, either with disabilities or older people, that they want us to do so that it’s the solutions that they, that they want. And that’s about transforming the services. It’s also about giving those people more say in how we commission the service, and also about more say about how they spend their money. So a lot of people now are on direct payments and they can choose how they employ their carers, how they spend their money.

You know one person, what they wanted was to have the membership as a national trust so that they could get up to Tyntsfield, and and go and enjoy the space out there. And that’s fine, so long as we can justify that that’s helping with their wellbeing. So there’s all sorts of things that we are doing. And I think that what that boils down to, is people having more say and more choice. But can I just come back very briefly to the point about making decisions in a crisis, because that might not only be for older people might not it, it might be for younger people with long term conditions.

And I think that that’s the value of talking to you John today, and doing programmes like this and how it’s being more on people’s radar. But you, really uncomfortable though it is, you really do need to sit down with people and say, What do you want further down the line? So that you’re not making those decisions, at a crisis, and that you’re more aware of what the options are.

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